The Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club is a friendly club formed many years ago 1966 to bring together like minded car enthusiasts who enjoy showing a great selection of beautiful vehicles and imparting knowledge to fellow members

We meet every 3rd Monday at
Netherton Sports and Social Club  8 o'clock with a varied menu of activities

The club is managed by a professional committee which also meets every month in order to keep the club on track to please all our members

YTCC….Potted History

With the continuing success of our club and many new members  joining in the last year or two  we thought it may be of interest to newer members as to the history of                           
The Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club So here goes…. 

Born out of Yorkshires premier Transport Club …                                         The Yorkshire Historic Car Club.
On  October 6th 1966 in the Spotted Cow Public house in Huddersfield
A meeting had been convened and at this meeting the clubs new chosen name was to be come The Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club
Membership was of two classes ..full vintage car owning & associate and none
vintage car owning and the subs were to be ten bob a year.      The type of car was less
important than the members interest and enthusiasm at this time.
About a month later the club logo was approved and car badges were authorized .
1967 Saw the first Concours d’ Elegance arranged to be held at Greenhead park Huddersfield .
October 1967  The first news letter was produced . In it concerns were expressed about new drinking & driving laws to be introduced … It was also decided to provide monthly entertainment on club night to distract members from drinking too much
1968   At meetings held now at The White Bear Norwood Green it was decided to meet fortnightly, concerns were raised about lack of new members and the news letter was to go out quarterly.     It was proposed that lady members would be allowed and family
membership introduced at…  £1.10. 0d    This bastion of male chauvinism solidly
defeated the motion 13 votes to 12.  Still in 1968 it was reported that the Newsletter was costing too much at £4.10. 0. per month !!
1970 /71. ….AGM Subs increased to 25/ membership 35/- was eventually introduced!  Later a points system was introduced to encourage members to attend events etc.  with added point for magazine articles for attending functions etc. and at the end of the season a trophy was given to the member with most points. 
Other dates worth noting …..1978 Hull Branch formed so YTCC incorporated ‘West Riding Branch’ ...Club meetings held at ‘The Rising Sun’ Castleford later moving to ’ The Grove’ Wakefield in1980.     Eventually outgrowing the Grove moving to Sandal Rugby club in 1992. After a nine years there, the Rugby club was refurbished and in their wisdom
increased room charges from  £140 per annum to £95.00 per meeting !!!
Moving swiftly to Horbury Working Men's club where we were warmly welcomed and still there today.
Still with us after all those years  Bill Bannister & Mervyn & Judy Dickinson and Mr & Mrs Chesterman cheers, and perhaps others I don't know.  Hoping members have found this
potted history interesting ..?? 
        Thanks Roland Crosby
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